Reflection for Monday Week 10

I think the final comments, tying the quarter together were very helpful. It’s just interesting how space plays a role in learning, which I never really noticed before. I get easily distracted in Travis, but in the classroom, confined to a smaller, more personal space, it was easier to pay attention and really absorb the material.


One Response to “Reflection for Monday Week 10”

  1. C. Wess Daniels Says:

    I ended up with your paper this time on accident, but went ahead and checked with JR and he said I should just grade it. Here are some things I saw that would help you in your final draft.
    1) You should use headings and subheadings – you need to have a clear context section, Kingdom of God section, and Action section.

    2) In your Kingdom of God section you need to show how your three characteristics you state in your thesis are theologically related to the Kingdom of God. So you say, “incarnation ministry, smaller settings and equal disbursement of the workload” will lead to a kingdom like place. That’s fine, but then in section two I’d use subheadings and clearly explain each of those three aspects. This is where you show us your theology of kingdom.

    3) Here is where you also need to pull alot more from the class texts and class lectures. This will greatly strengthen your points you’re making.

    4) Finally for section three, tie into each of these three aspects you mention in the beginning, and cover in your Kingdom of God section. So Action steps may also have subheadings — “equal disbursement of the workload” = “splitting up into small communities that are much more manageable.” This way you’re tying in your theology with praxis. Do that for each of your three points giving the examples you provide, and stuff from the course material and you will be set.

    Thanks for your hard work! (seven)

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