Reflection for Monday Week 6

I find it amazing and crazy that people need to write books and do research saying the best way to minister to people is live among them: have parties of Christians and non-Christians, join the soccer team, go to their clubs. The whole time I kept thinking, isn’t it obvious?  It’s called living life! Yet, modern Christianity has warped into such a weird subculture, that Christians don’t know how to get out anymore. We’re scared of non-Christians and their activities. We hide away in church buildings, separate schools, and organizations made just for us. There is something terrible wrong here. I remember going to my Christian college. For the first semester, my faith struggled. I remember asking “So if we are all supposed to be Christians here, then who are we supposed to be a light to?”  The scary part was most people seemed comfortable there. I’m not saying there is not a time for great fellowship and relationships among us, but if that’s all we have then we have missed the point entirely.


One Response to “Reflection for Monday Week 6”

  1. jrrozko1 Says:

    I’m with ya – speak up!

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